Career Center

Career Center

Welcome to the Journalism Career Center at the Missouri School of Journalism. We offer valuable resources to help you at every stage of your career.

Experienced counselors advise students on a wide range of career development topics, including resumes, interviews, conducting a search, networking and selecting references. Students can connect with prospective employers through on-campus interviews and career fairs. Internship and job postings are available online and through a variety of social media tools.

Alumni have access to online job postings through University of Missouri career sites as well as through the Mizzou Alumni Association‘s network.

Employers have access to a workforce that is ready to work from day one. The real-media experience gained through the Missouri Method equips our students and alumni with the knowledge and skills needed in today’s environment.

Students and alumni are invited to explore the following tools to assist in their job search. Employers can add job listings, review resumes and more to find the best applicants for their positions.

  • is a comprehensive database of jobs and internships available to alumni and students. Employers can post and manage job listings, browse resumes, schedule on-campus interviews and participation in career fairs.
  • MU Career Center
    The MU Career Center offers a broad range of services and resources to assist students, parents, educators and employers.
  • MU Student Success Center
    The MU Student Success Center helps students define, clarify, and achieve their academic, personal and professional goals.
  • MU Employment Opportunities
    Staff and faculty job listings at the University of Missouri are available online.
  • MU SOS Temporary Staffing
    Temporary staff positions help fill workforce gaps and are available campus wide.

Additional Student and Recruiter Resources

The following Journalism Career Center resources can help students and recruiters in the employment process.

  • Prepare to Search
    Information is available about resumes, cover letters, interviews and ongoing updates about internship and job opportunities.
  • Student Resources
    This section is all about how to find opportunities that fit your interests and other aspects that are important to you as you search for internships and jobs.
  • Recruiters
    The Journalism Career Center wants to make it easy for employers to meet our qualified applicant pool. Learn more about posting positions, viewing resumes and other resources available to help you fill your openings.