Darrell Sifford Memorial Prize in Journalism

Darrell Sifford Memorial Prize in Journalism

Darrell Sifford, BJ ’53, was a rarity in American journalism: a columnist with the heart of a poet. A staple for readers of The Philadelphia Inquirer and other subscribing papers, his column depicted the personal struggles and triumphs that together make up the fabric of our lives.

Darrell Sifford, BJ '53

Darrell Sifford, BJ ’53

Relationships, children, health, careers, religion, sexuality, money and his own life were the core topics through which he explored the human condition – our fears and our insecurities, our need for fulfillment and happiness, our successes and our disappointments, our vulnerabilities and our courage. Sifford’s insightful and inspirational columns touched readers in such an intimate way that his accidental death in 1992 hit thousands as if they had lost a close relative.

The Darrell Sifford Memorial Prize is funded by contributions from readers of Darrell’s columns. The prize is administered by the Missouri School of Journalism, Darrell’s alma mater. It will recognize newspaper writing that illuminates the daily life of ordinary people and their everyday concerns.

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