Requirements Timeline

Requirements Timeline

This section provides a step-by-step outline of how to proceed through the doctoral program.

Doctoral Timetable

The schedule of activities for each of the six semesters of doctoral study are outlined in this timetable. [MORE]

Qualifying Process (D1)

To be admitted to the doctoral program, the student must pass JOURN 9010 Doctoral Seminar. The seminar must be taken the semester in which the student completes 18 hours. [MORE]

Plan of Study (D2)

The doctoral plan of study should be submitted to a formal meeting of the student’s planning committee before the end of the third semester of study (or before the student earns 27 credits). [MORE]

Comprehensive Exam (D3)

When all course work has been completed and the language and research tool requirements met, the student takes a comprehensive examination (written and oral). [MORE]

Dissertation (D3a and 4)

After the comprehensive examination is completed, the student must submit a dissertation proposal to their committee. The dissertation is expected to contribute to knowledge in journalism or mass communication. [MORE]