Internships for Pre-Journalism and Directly-Admitted Students

Internships for Pre-Journalism and Directly Admitted Students

Pre-journalism and directly admitted students are typically freshmen and sophomores who have not started junior/senior level coursework. Students will enroll in an internship based on their adviser assignment.

Directly Admitted Students

Directly admitted students who are advised by a journalism adviser will enroll in JOURN 1940 Internship in Journalism for zero to one college credit. Students are required to have a minimum of 2.75 cumulative grade point average to apply for an internship. For more information, contact an adviser in Journalism Student Services.

Honors College Students

Honors College students will enroll in GN HON 1080H Internship for one to three college credits. Honors College students can count internship credit toward the Honors College Certificate but not toward the Bachelor of Journalism degree. For more information, contact an adviser in the Honors College.

Pre-Journalism Students

Pre-journalism students who are advised by an Academic Advising and Exploration Services adviser can enroll in INTDSC 1940 Internship for zero to one credit. Students must be in good academic standing and follow requirements determined by their respective adviser. For more information, contact an adviser in Academic Advising and Exploration Services.