Honors Programs

Honors Programs

The School of Journalism attracts some of the best students at MU. The Walter Williams Scholars program is designed for the top tier of what is already an elite group. Students who qualify are truly the best among the best.

Walter Williams Scholars

Upon admission as freshmen, directly admitted students are designated as Walter Williams Scholars if they meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum ACT composite score of 33 or minimum SAT composite score of 1440
  • Rank near the top of their high school graduating class

Designation as a Walter Williams Scholar is noted in the program when a student participates in commencement exercises.

Honors College

The School encourages high-ability students to enroll in the MU Honors College and take honors courses whenever possible. Such courses are taught by many of MU’s highly-acclaimed professors. More information on honors courses can be found at Honors Course Goals.

Most directly admitted students and a few pre-journalism students in the College of Arts and Science qualify for admission to the Honors College.

Students are encouraged to review the Honors College admission requirements to determine their eligibility.