John Deighton, BJ ’18, Talks Sports Journalism

John Deighton went 19 games without witnessing a victory. Sixteen of those came during a winless season while working as a public relations intern with the Cleveland Browns. Then, he watched three more at the start of the 2018 season after Deighton joined the Houston Texans public relations staff as an intern. “So there were … Continued

Photo Story: “Standing Up” by Emily Nevils

Marilyn Calvin’s jeep rumbles down a dirt road, weaving between pastures full of dairy cows, her headlights the only source of light, minus the stars. She’s headed to a going-away party for a good friend and a long-time fellow Dairy Farmers of America board member. The party is almost an hour away outside Monet, Missouri, … Continued

Photo Story: “Sam” by Maddie Davis

“Every time I come back from a manic episode, it’s like I have to relearn and relive a lot of things and regain confidence. It’s so weird because when you’re going manic, you have all of that. I have that confidence, I have that assurance, I feel so alive and part of the world and … Continued

Mark Kim, BJ ’17, Talks Sports Journalism

Mark Kim, who graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism in May 2017,  is already working at ESPN. However, Kim – who graduated with an emphasis in broadcast journalism – is using his Missouri Method training not in front of the camera, but rather works on ESPN’s social media team. He caught up with Inside Sports … Continued

Missouri Students Teach International Teens about MU Photojournalism Program

By Jennifer Nelson Columbia, Mo. (Aug. 7, 2018) — Two students got the opportunity to represent the Missouri School of Journalism’s photojournalism department by talking to a group of international high schoolers about the local program and the history of their chosen career path. Graduate student Liv Paggiarino of San Diego and undergraduate senior Jessi … Continued

Combining Passions:J-School Guides Young Sports Reporter to Success

By Jennifer Nelson Reynolds Journalism Institute Tashan Reed, a senior at the University of Missouri, has loved writing and watching sports since he was a little kid. As he began thinking about life after high school, it just made sense to combine his two passions and become a sports reporter, he says. When it came … Continued

Jake Meister Talks Sports Journalism

Jake Meister is studying abroad in London right now, but once he returns, an internship awaits him in Ashburn, Virginia. Meister, a strategic communication major, will work for the Washington Redskins as a digital media intern this summer. A Highland Park, Ill., native, Meister is working for a company in London called Snack Media as … Continued

“Thanks for attending class today. Here’s your free laptop.”

By Nate Brown Reynolds Journalism Institute Wednesday, April 11, was not the day to miss Professor Tom Warhover‘s Advanced News Reporting class. Today’s guest speaker was Greg Miller (BJ ’05), co-founder of Kinda Funny, who told students “how Mizzou made me.” Miller said he wanted to write about video games since he was in elementary … Continued