Guidelines for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading
Guidelines for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading: This publication is available as a downloadable PDF.

On March 26, 2020, the University of Missouri’s faculty council approved expanded options for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading for all undergraduate and graduate courses for the spring 2020 semester.

Special considerations for undergraduate students in the School of Journalism:

Dean’s List:

In order to be eligible for the dean’s list, students must earn a minimum semester GPA of 3.25 on 12 graded (A-F) credits.

  • Courses taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis do not count toward these 12 credits.
    • Choosing S/U might drop a student below the required number of credit hours needed to be eligible for the dean’s list for the spring 2020 semester.


For undergraduate students that are already on academic probation, the academic probation period has been extended to the end of the Fall 2020 semester.

  • Students who choose to keep a letter grade (A-F) will see that factored into their semester and cumulative GPA, which can improve their academic standing in the School of Journalism.
  • S/U grades are not factored into a student’s GPA. Students’ academic standing will be evaluated based on the semester and cumulative GPA after Fall 2020 grades are submitted.

Prerequisite courses:

  • Selecting an S grade will allow a student to matriculate to the next level class in the journalism major, so long as the student’s cumulative GPA is above a 2.8.
  • Selecting a U grade for a prerequisite or required course will mean that a student must repeat the course to matriculate to the next level course.