Courtney Boman

  • Research Area: Strategic Communication, emphasis on crisis and health communication
  • Entered Doctoral Program: 2017
  • Email:

COURTNEY BOMAN is a first-year doctoral student at University of Missouri’s School of Journalism. Her research focuses on strategic and risk communication in regard to health communication. Courtney graduated with her Masters of Science in Agricultural Communications from Kansas State University, where her research focused on the effects that crisis communications strategies via Twitter on brand reputation.

Courtney has a wealth of communications industry experience and she excels in detail-oriented projects, goal alignment, and strategic visioning. Prior to attending the University of Missouri, Courtney served as the interim-managing director of the Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement which strives to help rural businesses succeed on new-media. In addition, she gained diverse experience in creating and leading rebranding efforts, creating social media strategies and executing campaigns with internal marketing departments and as a marketing account executive at an award-winning web development agency.

Courtney has served as a teaching assistant for courses at Kansas State University such as Scientific Communications, Crisis Communications, and Layout Design.

Teaching Assistant Positions

  • Kansas State University – AGCOM 810 – Scientific Communications
  • Kansas State University – AGCOM 610 – Crisis Communications
  • Kansas State University – AGCOM 410 – Layout Design


  • Paul Synor Research Fellowship, University of Missouri, 2017.
  • Save Kansas Roads Microsite, Best-in-Show, American Advertising Federation, 2016.
  • Save Kansas Roads Microsite, Graphic Design USA Website Design Award, 2016.
  • Visit Wamego Website, Graphic Design USA Website Design Award, 2016.
  • Sullivan Higdon and Sink Award, Kansas State University, 2012.
  • Phi Beta Kappa, Kansas State University, 2012.
  • Tietze (Jaconette L.) Memorial Scholarship, Kansas State University, 2011-2012.
  • Ehrsam (Arex G) Memorial Scholarship, Kansas State University, 2010-2011.
  • Golden Key International Honour Society, Kansas State University, 2010.
  • The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Kansas State University, 2010.
  • Sitz-Pelser (Carol) Memorial Scholarship, Kansas State University, 2009-2010.
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