Surin Chung

  • Research Area: Public Relations, Social Media, Crisis Communication, Public Behavior
  • Entered Doctoral Program: 2014
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SURIN CHUNG is a doctoral candidate at the Missouri School of Journalism. His research interest includes strategic communication with an emphasis on public relations (PR), crisis and risk communication, and digital media. His study and academic training at the Missouri School of Journalism led him to have three research agendas. First, his research deals with how effectively an organization can deliver a crisis message to relieve publics’ negative evaluations. Another stream of research is to investigate how publics perceive uncertain risks and what drives them to communicate differently under uncertainty. Lastly, Surin has studied how digital media technology improves mental/social well-being of vulnerable and/or underrepresented groups, particularly focusing on a disaster situation. Thus far, Surin published his studies in rigorous peer-reviewed journals such as Public Relations Review, International Journal of Business Communication, and Communication Research Reports.

Along with his strong research backgrounds, Surin built his professional career at MSL Group, one of the top five global PR agencies, in South Korea. As an account executive, he undertook various online and offline PR assignments for global clients such as Singapore Tourism Board, McDonald’s, and PUMA. Currently, Surin is teaching Public Relations Writing (J4270) as a graduate instructor. Also, he taught Strategic Communication Research Methods (J4952) for two semesters.


  • Chung, S., and Lee, S. (2017). Crisis Management and Corporate Apology: The Effects of Causal Attributions and Apology Types on Cognitive and Affective Public Responses. International Journal of Business Communication.
  • Chung, S., and Lee, S. (2016). Crisis Communication Strategies at Social Media and Publics’ Cognitive and Affective Responses: A Case of Foster Farms Salmonella Outbreak, Communication Research Reports, 33(4), 341-348.
  • Chung, S., and Taneja, H. (2016). Reassessment of Audience in Public Relations: How Social Media Reshape the Public Relations Measurement, Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal, 17(1), 60-77.

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