Students Help OneLouder Market Social Apps

Students Help OneLouder Market Social Apps

When an executive with a company that develops social apps came to the University of Missouri for his daughter’s graduation, he approached convergence journalism Professor Randy Smith about help for marketing a new product.

Kansas City-based OneLouder was working on an app called ChannelCaster that combines news from a variety of websites and lets users create their own channels based on personal interests.

After meeting with company representatives, Smith selected five graduate students from a variety of journalism majors to craft a campaign that included a video advertisement for the app, a Facebook campaign and a launch party.

The students benefited from the real-world interaction with OneLouder, and the company was able to tap the students’ creative approach to marketing.

“At least OneLouder executive participated in every class for the semester,” Smith said. “Our students produced an outstanding video for the company and explored a variety of new social media opportunities. In the end, it was a win-win for the students and the company.”

ChannelCaster is available on the Android Market and Apple’s App Store. The students’ work has already paid off, Smith said, as the app ascended to No. 1 in one section of the Android market when introduced.

By Brooklynn Dowling, University of Missouri.