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When are the application deadlines?
The application deadline for the Spring semester (January entry) is September 1; deadline for the Fall semester (August entry) is January 1. Please be sure your completed application packet is received by the deadline for application. Deadlines are firm.

When will I be notified of the admissions decision?
Those who apply for the Fall semester will be notified around mid-March; those who apply for the Spring semester will be notified around mid-October. Decisions are sent by e-mail.

How will I know if my GRE scores are high enough for me to be admitted?
The admissions committee looks at all aspects of your application when considering applicants for admission. This includes your undergraduate GPA, your GRE score, your letters of recommendation, your essays, your professional experience and your other accomplishments.

How many applicants do you have each semester?
For Fall semester, we typically have 275-325 applicants for 75-80 spaces; for Spring semester, we typically have 100-125 applicants for 25-35 spaces.

Do you offer rolling admissions?
The admissions committee reviews all applications at the same time.

May I send application materials to you ahead of the deadline for the semester for which I’m applying?
We welcome applications at any time. Please be sure to indicate the semester for which you are applying, and we will hold the materials in our files for up to a year.