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A Two-Year MA Model

The convergence model educates students in the theory and skills of multimedia communication. Students will be prepared for leadership in the areas of print, broadcast and online news and strategic communication.

Program Core: 9 Credits

  • JOURN 0900 News Practicum (3 Credits) This course does not count toward the degree.
  • JOURN 8000 Mass Media Seminar (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8006 Quantitative Research Methods in Journalism (3 Credits) or
    JOURN 8008 Qualitative Research Methods (3 Credits)

One of the following four courses:

  • JOURN 8026 Philosophy of Journalism (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8030 History of Mass Media (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8038 Seminar in Communication Law (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8080 Media Ethics (3 Credits)

Convergence Core: 9 Credits

  • JOURN 7802 Fundamentals of TV, Radio and Photojournalism (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 7804 Convergence Reporting (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 7806 Convergence Editing and Producing (3 Credits)
  • In addition, students must demonstrate basic competency in Web design and publishing through an assessment or a not-for-credit boot camp.

Concentration: 9 Credits

Concentration courses are prepackaged electives and should be outside of the student’s undergraduate specialty area. View concentrations here.

Capstone Level: 10 Credits

Professional Project

  • JOURN 8098 MA Project Seminar (1 Credit) and
    JOURN 8190 Area Problem in Journalism (9 Credits)


  • JOURN 8100 MA Thesis Seminar (1 Credit) and
    JOURN 8090 Research in Journalism (9 Credits)

Total Suggested for Graduation: 37 Credits