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A Two-Year MA Model

The program is designed for journalists wishing to specialize in government reporting at a local, state, national or international level. The program also is open to international students seeking to study the governmental process in the United States and relationships between government officials and journalists. This option combines actual reporting experience in city/local, state and federal government, backed up with academic courses on all three levels. The outside coursework provides the necessary strong background in politics and economics. Students following the convergence model may take the public policy concentration. The option is highlighted by experience covering Missouri state government in Jefferson City and a semester in the school’s Washington Program.

Program Core: 9 Credits

  • JOURN 0900 News Practicum (3 Credits) This course does not count toward the degree.
  • JOURN 8000 Mass Media Seminar (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8006 Quantitative Research Methods in Journalism (3 Credits) or
    JOURN 8008 Qualitative Research Methods (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8038 Seminar in Communication Law (3 Credits)

Reporting Core: 9-12 Credits

  • JOURN 7300 Broadcast News I (3 Credits)
  • For Radio-Television Journalism students without prior experience.
  • JOURN 7450 Newspaper Reporting (3 Credits) or
    JOURN 7306 Broadcast News II (3 Credits)
  • Local public policy.
  • JOURN 7460 Advanced Reporting (3 Credits) or
    JOURN 7308 Broadcast News III (3 Credits) Jefferson City
  • JOURN 7430 Computer-Assisted Reporting (3 Credits) Highly recommended.

Public Policy Core: 6 Credits

  • PUB AF 8150 Foundations of New Governance (3 Credits)
  • PUB AF 8170 Public Policy Processes and Strategy (3 Credits)

Electives: 3 Credits

Suggested Courses:

  • JOURN 7436 Investigative Reporting (3 Credits) Highly recommended.
  • JOURN 7650 International Issues Reporting (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8046 Controls of Information (3 Credits)
  • PUB AF 8610 Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution (3 Credits)
  • PUB AF 8620 Organizational Analysis and Change (3 Credits)
  • PUB AF 8630 Public Policy Processes and Strategy (3 Credits)
  • PUB AF 8710 The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector (3 Credits)

Capstone Level: 10 Credits

Professional Project

  • JOURN 8098 MA Project Seminar (1 Credit) and
    JOURN 8190 Area Problem in Journalism (9 Credits)


  • JOURN 8100 MA Thesis Seminar (1 Credit) and
    JOURN 8090 Research in Journalism (9 Credits)

Total Suggested for Graduation: 37-40 Credits