Asma Khanom

Doctoral Student

Asma Khanom is a second-year doctoral student, graduate teaching (TA) and research assistant at the School of Journalism, University of Missouri. 

Asma’s research explores the issues where Media Sociology intersects ethical criticism. Her research is specially located at management shifts, organizational policy and decision making, particularly ethical decision making and execution that impacts news content and professional norms. Asma aims to impact existing journalism practices through her research and make a bridge between the industry and academia.

Asma is from Bangladesh. She has an experience of over a decade in several national televisions, has covered a wide spectrum of issues including politics more specifically has covered intensely four national elections and many local level elections. Asma also has experience working in the USA and Germany. Both in the USA and Europe, she learnt how first world country’s newsrooms function. She’s also a Fulbright Scholar of the US Department of State. Before joining MU, she earned her second master’s in journalism from the University of Oklahoma. Asma obtained her bachelor and first master’s in mass communication from the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. 

At Mizzou she is currently representing the School of Journalism to the Graduate Professional Council (GPC). She is also a member of the biggest Communication and Journalism forum The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). 

Refereed conference papers

Khanom, A. (2022). Uncertainty in Journalism: A concept explication. This concept explication has been presented to the Media Management Division at the AEJMC national conference 2022, Detroit, MI.

Macneil, W. C., Hinnant, L. A. & Khanom, A. (2022). The Flag Lapel Pin Ban: A 20-Year Retrospective on the Discourses About Journalistic Ethics, Objectivity, and Patriotism. This study has been presented to the Media Ethics at the AEJMC national conference 2022, Detroit, MI.

Johnson, B. G., Khanom, A., Woodfolk, G. & Blake, J. (2022). A Decade in Comparative Communication Law Research: Observations, Trends, and Suggestions for Future Trajectories. This study has been presented to the Law and Policy Division at the International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Meeting, Paris 2022.

Khanom, A., & Gade, P. (2021). Nothing routine: Television news management’s response to COVID-19, organizational uncertainty, and changes in news work. Paper presented to the Media Management Division at the AEJMC National Conference (virtual) 2021.

Khanom, A. (2021). A new reality for broadcast newsroom management: Is COVID-19 another era of transformation? Paper presented as the top paper of the Media Management Division, AEJMC Midwinter Conference (virtual), 2021.

Yetter. C., Khanom, A., & Gade, P., (2020). Digital News Work: Skills and Attributes Online-only News Websites Seek in their Employees. Paper presented to the Online News Division at the AEJMC National Conference (virtual), 2020.

Updated: October 24, 2022