Chad Stuart Owsley

Doctoral Student

Chad Stuart Owsley is a doctoral student in journalism studying media history. Owsley’s interest is in emerging digital media technologies – exploring how artificial intelligent computers will affect news production and dissemination, and human news consumption. He is currently conducting research into human awareness and perception of artificial intelligence in general society and news production.

Owsley is an American photographer, photojournalist, news editor, and educator who has taught visual news media courses – Photojournalism, Multimedia Communication for News, Television Production, and Convergent Journalism – at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies for eight years. He has also worked as the foreign editor in charge of Silk Road Post, and visual editor at and Guangzhou Morning Post Elite Weekly under the Guangzhou Daily Press Group, and Guangdong Television (GDTV) as a foreign reporter and host.

Owsley earned his master’s degree in journalism from Boston University, for which he wrote Jiujiang 9 Rivers, a photo documentary book on contemporary life in a mid-tier city in Mainland China, and his bachelor’s degree in photography from the Art Institute of Colorado.

Updated: October 12, 2020