Cory MacNeil

Doctoral Student

While earning his Master of Arts in Journalism from Regent University, Cory MacNeil became deeply interested in the concept of world view; how world view affects understanding, shared understanding, and misunderstanding from the perspectives of journalist, subject, and audience. Post-graduation, he kept up a self-paced regimen of learning through a goal to watch all The Great Courses, where esteemed professors taught him psychology, anthropology, game theory, history, economics, mathematics, philosophy, religion, and other fields of scholarly study. It was during these hundreds of hours of lectures that Cory refined his academic interest in sociology while discovering a perfectly suited doctoral program at the University of Missouri.

Cory (First Sergeant MacNeil, retired) entered MU as he transitioned out of a twenty-year career in the U.S. Army where his occupational specialties were combat engineer, electronic warfare and cyber warfare. He is a member of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, Sergeant Morales Club and unwilling recipient of the enemy marksmanship badge (Purple Heart). He has lived in Texas, Colorado, Maryland; South Korea, Germany, Spain; and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Combining the experience of his prior career with his scholarly interests, he is researching the role conflict photography plays in posing moral and ethical questions to society.

Cory reads photograph books every day from the extensive collections at the MU journalism library with the intent to view them all before graduation. He is running all 240-miles of the Katy Trail, and doing giant sets and triple drop sets with every weight in the MU Student Recreation Center. He is reading books from the David Novak leadership library with his son, and Harry Potter with his daughter.

Cory is grateful to the MU students, professors, deans and administrators who offered their time during a busy semester to answer his questions about the application process, and offer frank assessment of the University and program as seen from the inside. He is glad to pay this benefit forward to future students by responding to inquiries from applicants who are looking closely at MU.

Updated: January 13, 2022