Erika Schneider

Doctoral Student

Erika J. Schneider is a doctoral candidate at the Missouri School of Journalism. She specializes in strategic communication with an emphasis on crisis communication. Her research strives to optimize organizational responses that prioritize stakeholder and societal wellbeing. She often uses experimental design studies to investigate how organizations approach crisis responsibility and use communication to lessen the effects of a crisis. She looks forward to continuing this trajectory by investigating how organizations can navigate crises induced by emerging health issues, scientific topics, and (mis/dis)information.

Schneider received a B.S. in Strategic Communication, with minors in risk and health communication, from North Dakota State University in 2015. In 2018, she graduated with an M.A. in Communication from Marquette University, where her research focused on how organizational assets are threatened during crises. During her time at the University of Missouri, Schneider has had the opportunity to teach undergraduate methods and technical writing courses. In the classroom, she shares her experiences from agency and in-house marketing positions, and also uses industry experiences to inform her research.

Updated: October 12, 2020