Lingshu Hu

Doctoral Student

LINGSHU HU is interested in media representation and media effects, especially regarding gender and race. Specifically, he would like to examine how people present selves on social media, why their self-presentations are in some certain patterns, what influence self-presentation might generate on their ways of being, and if it challenges or reinforces the traditional social norms.

Hu currently works as a research assistant with Prof. Frisby and Dr. Kearney, doing research on framing of immigration in newspapers and gender difference in political expressive participation on Twitter.

Refereed Publications

  • Hu, L. (Accepted). Is Masculinity ‘Deteriorating’ in China? Changes of the Representation of Masculinity in Chinese Film Posters from 1951 to 2015. Journal of Gender Studies.
  • Hu, L. (2016) Shuju Xinwen zai Weibo Pingtai zhong de Chuanbo Xiaoguo Yanjiu [Exploration on Communication Effects of Data Journalism on the Microblog Platform]. Editorial Friend (2), 70-74.
  • He, L., Hu, L., Yu, L. and Zhang, Z. (2016). Weixin Yaoyan Chuanbo Tezheng yu Shouzhong Xinli Jizhi [The Communication Features and the Psychological Mechanism of Rumors on WeChat]. In X. Tang, X. Wu, and C. Huang (Eds.), Annual Report on Development of New Media in China (No.7) (pp. 102-118). Beijing: Social Science Academic Press (China).
  • He, L., Hu, L., Li, W. and Zhang, Z. (2016). “Biaotidang” yu “Funengliang;” Meitilei Weixin Gongzhonghao de Yuyan Fengge Fenxi [Title Attractors and Negative Energy: Language Style Analysis of the Official Accounts of Organizational Media on Wechat Platform]. The Press (13), 42-47.

Updated: August 7, 2019