Weilu Zhang

Doctoral Student

Weilu is interested in Health Communication, especially through social media. Her research will explore not only which attitudes and behavioral consequences that media have on people, but more importantly, how these impacts actually happen. In other words, how the audience perceives and processes the health information they encounter on social media.

Academic Conferences

  • “Humanizing Brands Get Back Fire – How Anthropomorphization, Crisis Type, and Response Strategy Impact Brands in Crisis.” Presented at the International Conference on Research in Advertising in London, United Kingdom; July 2–4, 2015.
  • “To Open or to Close? The Effect of Consumers’ Need for Closure on Message Design in Openness Advertisements.” Presented at the ICA Regional Conference in Brisbane, Australia; October 1–3, 2014.
  • “The Effect of the Strength of the Arguments and Consumers’ Need for Cognitive Closure on Message Design in Metaphor Advertisements.” Presented at the International Forum on Public Relations and Advertising in Bangkok, Thailand; August 13–15, 2014.

Updated: August 7, 2019