Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Understanding the Undergraduate Curriculum

The Bachelor of journalism assures that the student receives a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences while achieving competency in an area of journalism or strategic communication. Students choose from an array of interest areas designed to build expertise in areas where graduates typically begin a career.

To complete the Bachelor of Journalism degree, 120 credits are required.

Pre-Interest Area: During the freshmen and sophomore years students complete a minimum of 60 credits.

  • Journalism Requirements (13 Credits). Students earn a minimum of 13 credits in foundational journalism core requirements. These courses are essential in preparing students for success in the interest area curriculum.
  • General Education Requirements (47 credits). All students must complete general education requirements. General education courses are the foundation upon which all University of Missouri degrees are built.

These courses must be completed prior to starting courses in the interest area.

Dual credit, advanced placement and international baccalaureate credit can apply to these requirements. Please see your adviser for details.

Interest Area: During the junior and senior years students complete a minimum of 60 additional credits.

  • Journalism Requirements (31-35 Credits). Students earn a minimum of 25 credits in the interest area and 6 credits in journalism core requirements. Students may substitute up to 4 additional credits of journalism electives for upper level non-journalism requirements.
  • Upper Level Non-Journalism Requirements (26-29 Credits). These courses are meant to expand upon the general education courses from the first two years of study. These courses can be used to meet double degree or minor requirements from other academic units. Students pursuing a dual degree must complete a minimum of 132 credit hours.

General Electives

Students with fewer than 120 credit hours upon completion of all specific course requirements will need general electives. The number of general electives varies for each student. These courses may be any level, but must be acceptable toward the degree. Please see Course Exceptions for additional information on course acceptance policies.