Plan of Study (D2)

Plan of Study (D2)

The doctoral plan of study should be submitted to a formal meeting of the student’s planning committee before the end of the third semester of study (or before the student earns 27 credits).

Included with the proposed course of study should be:

Letter from the applicant.

  • A description of applicant’s research experience and plans for the dissertation. (A page should suffice.) Dissertation plans should indicate the topic to be studied and the approach that will be taken. For empirical studies, there should be some indication about the general methodology (e.g., survey, experiment, content analysis). For studies such as those in law, history, ethics, critical/cultural areas, sufficient specification of the approach and analysis strategies should be provided. The intent is to provide enough information to the applicant’s committee to allow them to evaluate the plan of study.
  • Applicant’s practical and teaching experience.
  • Career goals.
  • Publications and papers that may have been presented.
  • Proposed calendar for completion of the doctoral degree.
  • Previous graduate work. If work is done elsewhere, each course the applicant requests to be counted must be briefly described and a rationale presented for its status as a theory or research course, and for its relevance to the doctoral specialization. (Include syllabi from outside classes if they are available.) Grades for each course, overall grade point average and degree awarded at the other institution should be included.
  • Doctoral courses should first be listed by topic area. The list should include courses both from previous institutions and those at MU master’s courses and courses from other institutions should be identified. The list should also include all grades for completed courses.
  • Doctoral courses should next be listed chronologically by semester they were taken. Previous and future semesters should be listed. For readings or problems courses, the student should indicate the topic and how it was covered. The student should also indicate when the comprehensive exam will be taken.

Letter from the faculty chair.

  • Description of applicant’s performance to date.
  • Comment on any unusual aspects of the program.
  • Endorsement of the program.

Students in the master’s program may be admitted to the doctoral program upon successful completion of the master’s thesis. For these students, a minimum of 72 semester hours beyond the baccalaureate degree is required for the doctoral degree.

Transfer Credit

The doctoral committee may recommend up to 30 hours of post-baccalaureate graduate credit from an accredited university be transferred toward the total hours required for the doctoral degree. It is the responsibility of the doctoral committee to determine the appropriateness of course work for transfer credit. The dean of the MU Graduate School. must approve all requests for exceptions to this policy.

Time Limits on Transfer Credits

All courses to be applied to the plan of study must be completed within eight years of filing the plan.