Methodology Course Requirement

Methodology Course Requirement

If students have one course of each quantitative and qualitative research methods in their graduate program, they can specialize in whichever method they choose. If students do not have both, they must take a course in the area that is lacking before taking courses in their specialty. An example of a course would be JOURN 8008 Qualitative Methods or similar courses.

Following is a list of possible research courses outside journalism. Course offerings change each semester so refer to the course schedule on myZou for availability of these courses. Courses not found on this list may qualify, and students should request a syllabus from the course instructor and ask the doctoral student adviser for input before enrolling in the proposed methods course.


BUS_AD 7020 Managerial Statistics
COMMUN 8120 Seminar in Quantitative Methods in Communication
H_D_FS 7412 Research Methods in Consumer and Family Economics
ESC_PS 7125 Introduction to Educational Statistics
ESC_PS 7410 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research I
ESC_PS 7620 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research II
GEOG 8750 Research Methods
HIST 7470 Quantitative Methods in Historical Study
MRKTNG 8620 Quantitative Methods for Marketing
POL_SC 7000 Introductory Statistics for Political Science
POL_SC 9010 Research Design and Analysis
POL_SC 9020 Inference and Political Statistics
POL_SC 9030 Linear Models in Politics
POL_SC 9040 Advanced Political Methodology
POL_SC. 9420 Quantitative Approaches in International Relations
PSYCH 8710 Advanced Psychological Statistics I
PSYCH 8720 Advanced Psychological Statistics II
PSYCH 9320 Social Psychology Methodology
PSYCH 9330 Applied Research Methodology
PSYCH 9710 Advanced Techniques in Psychological Statistics
PUB_AF 8180 Research Methods and Inquiry in Public Affairs I
PUB_AF 8181 Research Methods and Inquiry in Public Affairs II
PUB_AF 8430 Public Policy Analysis
SOCIOL 7120 Social Statistics
SOCIOL 7130 Advanced Social Statistics
STAT 7210 Nonparametric Statistical Methods
STAT 7310 Sampling Techniques
STAT 7510 Regression and Correlation Analysis
STAT 7530 Analysis of Variance
STAT 7870 Applied Time Series Analysis


ANTHRO 7830 Ethnographic Methods
ANTHRO 8257 Seminar in Ethnohistory
COMMUN 8130 Seminar in Qualitative Methods in Communication
ESC_PS 7640 Qualitative Methods in Education Research I
ESC_PS 7645 Qualitative Methods in Education Research II
ENGLSH 7700 Special Themes in Folklore
ENGLSH 8700 Studies in Folklore
GREEK 8100 Greek Historiography
HIST 7480 Historiography
SOCIOL 8120 Research Methodology
SOCIOL 9287 Seminar in Qualitative Methods in Sociology
SOCIOL 9837 Seminar in Multivariate Analysis Techniques
T_A_M 8500 Qualitative Social Research Methods