Teaching Program

Teaching Program

Becoming an excellent teacher is a critical component of doctoral education at Missouri. To that end, students are encouraged to utilize the following plan.

During the student’s second semester, there will be an evaluation of the individual’s teaching skills. Students are examined in terms of amount and type of previous teaching experience, and on current abilities in lecturing, syllabus preparation, philosophy of examinations and grading and so on. At that point, arrangements for future teaching experience will begin, with most teaching experiences provided one year from that, in the student’s fourth semester.

Most students would take the doctoral teaching seminar during the third semester. In this course, each student will receive further instruction and practice in lecturing. Each student will serve as an assistant for an undergraduate course as part of an “internship” experience. Each doctoral student will prepare and deliver at least one lecture to the entire class. A member of the doctoral faculty will observe the lecture, and it will be videotaped for future critique.

During the student’s final semesters, an effort will be made to place the doctoral student in a co-teaching experience with a faculty person (apprenticeship experience) who would serve as instructor of record for the course, but allow the student significant opportunity to lecture, devise the syllabus or sections thereof, and write and grade exams or writing assignments. More advanced students might offer an honors section or a regular course themselves, but still have a guiding teacher who would observe, offer recommendations and help the student work toward ever better teaching.

Where desirable and feasible, students might teach a course independently during their fifth or sixth semester.

International doctoral students who are interested in teaching opportunities are required to meet certain requirements regarding oral English-speaking assessments, orientations and evaluations per Missouri state law. The International Teaching Assistant Program Services offers these services. Advisers in the Graduate Studies office can answer questions regarding these policies.

The teaching experience for most doctoral students will look something like this:

First Semester

  • Research assistantship or instructorship.

Second Semester

  • Research assistantship or instructorship.
  • Take the Doctoral Seminar.
  • Evaluate teaching level (for doctoral students with prior teaching experience).

Third Semester

  • Take the teaching seminar.
  • Laboratory aspect of teaching seminar fulfilled.

Fourth Semester

  • Apprentice as co-instructor of a class in the student’s area of interest, or teach a course independently.

Fifth and Sixth Semesters

  • Additional teaching as needed or desired.