Doctoral Student Communication

Doctoral Student Communication

The school uses a variety of methods to keep you informed on events and activities that concern you.

Grad Studies Newsletter

The graduate studies center publishes a monthly newsletter during the academic year. The newsletter contains lots of interesting and informative items as well as deadlines and other issues of note. The newsletter is distributed monthly via email and is posted on the school’s website. You are welcome to submit a personal or professional news item.


The journalism school has a listserv that serves the doctoral student population. The list is updated each semester as new students enroll and others graduate. You are subscribed to the listserv with your MU email address ( Students are not subscribed with outside addresses (gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Therefore, it is imperative that you check your “” e-mail regularly. To post to the listserv you must also post from the address you were subscribed with (your address). Assistantship openings, pertinent deadlines and other important information are broadcast on the list. The purpose of the listserv is for students to communicate with each other and for administration to communicate with students. In many cases, that is the only way the information is distributed. Students are responsible for the information that is broadcast on the doctoral list regardless of whether or not you read the information.


Doctoral’s student mailboxes are located in 246-A Walter Williams Hall. Mailboxes for new students are available approximately one week after the beginning of the semester. You are encouraged to check your mailbox weekly. We recommend that you not have personal mail sent to your journalism mailbox.