Financial Resources

Financial Resources

Doctoral students have access to a variety of financial resources through the MU Graduate School and the School of Journalism. Learn more about these opportunities in this section.

Graduate Assistantships

There are two types of graduate assistantships: teaching and research. Teaching assistants help professors by performing such tasks as grading and supervising labs. Research assistants offer support to faculty members involved in a research project.

Graduate Research and Travel Money

The School of Journalism is sometimes able to provide additional financial support for travel to present papers.

Medical Insurance

There are two insurance policies offered on the MU campus: one for U.S. citizens and the other for international students.

Research and Development

The School of Journalism faculty can occasionally assist graduate students with direct expenses incurred in dissertation research projects.


Doctoral students who demonstrate need will receive scholarship support from the journalism school.

Tax Liability

All payments received by graduate students, in the form of assistantships or fellowships, are considered taxable income by the federal government.