Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

There are two types of graduate assistantships: teaching and research. Teaching assistants help professors by performing such tasks as grading and supervising labs. Research assistants offer support to faculty members involved in a research project.

Graduate assistants must maintain full-time graduate enrollment (i.e., at least nine semester hours) OR be continuously enrolled after successful completion of the comprehensive exams.

Doctoral graduate assistants usually work 20 hours a week. They are paid a stipend of approximately $10,000 for the nine-month academic year. Students must be enrolled for at least nine hours and no more than 12 hours while working as an assistant. In addition, the assistantships carry full resident and non-resident educational fee waivers. These waivers cover tuition only and do not cover incidental fees such as the technology and journalism fees and the like. Waivers also only cover courses that are directly related to the plan of study.

Graduate assistants will be evaluated on their performance. Unsatisfactory performance will result in ineligibility for a graduate assistantship for the following semester.

Acceptance of a graduate teaching or research assistantship in the journalism school is contingent on eligibility. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Earned a cumulative 3.5 GPA.
  • Enrolled full time (9 credit hours or continuous enrollment)
  • Not having exceeded six semesters of support. Support is considered ANY financial assistance from the journalism school, any combination of waivers, scholarships, fellowships, assistantships and the like.
  • Received a satisfactory evaluation for previous semester(s) of assistantship(s).
  • International students or permanent resident aliens who are interested in a teaching assistantship: Passed a language screening test with the international teaching assistant program office as well as having attended the orientation for new international teaching assistants/graduate instructors to be eligible for a graduate teaching assistantship. International students or permanent resident aliens also must have attended one semester at MU.
  • American students: Must have attended the graduate assistant teaching orientation to be eligible for a graduate teaching assistantship.
  • Other restrictions may apply.

Students who terminate their assistantship or fellowship at any point during the semester will lose a portion of their fee waiver. The fee waiver will be pro-rated based on the number of days in the semester that they had their assistantship/fellowship. Students will be responsible for the balance of their fees that are not covered by the pro-rated fee waiver. This also will occur if the student withdraws from the university during the semester. Students who are considering terminating their assistantship/fellowship or withdrawing from the university MUST check with the MU Graduate School to determine the amount of their pro-rated fee waiver and the amount they will pay for their fees.