Written/Oral Exam Preparation

Written/Oral Exam Preparation

One of the best ways to prepare for your written and oral comps is to review questions that have been asked in the past. Research theories and models, methodology, situational analysis and curriculum development are the areas covered. In addition, former doctoral students share tips on what to pack for the day of the exam, how to outline your thoughts before your oral defense and more.

Comprehensive Exam Preparation

Students who have survived the experience share their tips. [More]

Curriculum Development

These sample exam questions ask you to develop curriculum. [More]


These sample exam questions deal with methodology. [More]

Oral Defense Reminder Sheet

One student developed an outline to help her recall information during her oral defense.

Research Theories and Models

These sample exam questions cover research theories and models.  [More]

Situational Analysis

These sample exam questions require you to analyze a situation and apply your knowledge. [More]