Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development: Sample Question 1

Having been hired into a new position, you are asked to develop a new graduate-level strategic communications theory course with an emphasis on new media. Over the next two hours, develop the syllabus for the course, beginning with a title, required readings and a full 14-week course schedule.

Curriculum Development: Sample Question 2

You teach at a program that is rapidly growing but currently does not offer a special topics course in public relations.

  • Write a proposal to justify and support a special topics course for upper-division undergraduates and master’s students on the contingency theory, crisis management, and image restoration. Please include text to offer the rationale for the course and for its place in the curriculum, etc.
  • After you argue for the value of the course, include a syllabus and course outline with as much detail as you can muster from memory. Partial citations, titles and topics are fine.