Sample Models

Sample Models

Your research interests can be tailored – and supported – at Missouri. You have access to extensive resources that will allow you to delve into any subject. The more than 20 members of the doctoral faculty are among the most published in the journalism and mass communication field. The school’s hands-on, real-media opportunities include nine community-based multiplatform news outlets and strategic communication agencies. Dedicated research centers, the headquarters of leading journalism organizations and much more create an exciting and stimulating environment in which to launch your career as a scholar.

Note: These models apply to students who enter the doctoral program prior to fall 2017.

Health Communication

In addition to several classes in strategic communication, students interested in health communication can take coursework in psychology, marketing and public health. [More]

History, Ethics and Law

Students who develop a program in history, ethics and law not only complete coursework in journalism, but often find relevant coursework in history, law and philosophy. [More]

Mass Communication

Students interested in mass communication and society are looking to incorporate multiple academic perspectives regarding mass communication into their research expertise, including sociology, psychology, gender studies and the like. [More]

Media History

Students interested in developing a program of study in media history typically incorporate history and communication coursework relevant to their selected historical period. [More]


Those who develop a persuasion program will find advantageous classes in psychology, marketing and strategic communication. [More]

Political Communication

Programs developed in political communication often rely upon extensive coursework in political science, communication and First Amendment topics.  [More]