International Journalism (Interdisciplinary)

International Journalism (Interdisciplinary)

The next generation of journalism students must be equipped to work in a global environment. This interest area is designed to capitalize on Missouri’s international reputation and its international resources by placing under one umbrella the school’s existing Study Abroad opportunities, its internationally focused media and multimedia projects with global partners. Students in this interest area may take courses within any of the existing or prospective areas to complement their international interests. This degree is granted in the student’s emphasis area of choice (Convergence Journalism, Photojournalism, Print and Digital News or Radio-TV Journalism) but is administered by the School’s Global Programs office.

Students are required to earn a minimum of six credits from a School of Journalism Global Study Abroad program. Credits from the New York and Washington D.C. programs cannot be used to meet this requirement.

Students can refer to the Program Worksheets to learn more about the requirements for each area.

Suggested Journalism Electives (10)

  • JOURN 4050 Communications Practice: (1 - 3)
    [JOURN] [4050] [Communications Practice]
    Special instruction in the school's media as an extension of existing advanced media courses, or, in advertising, an extension of advertising creative courses. Prerequisites: Contract must be approved by instructor and dean. Restricted to Journalism and Science and Agricultural Journalism majors only. Junior standing required.
  • JOURN 4300 Broadcast News I: (3)
    [JOURN] [4300] [Broadcast News I]
    Beginning reporting and news writing for radio, television and their on-line services. Introduction to use of audio and video recorders and editing systems in production of news stories. Consideration of ethical isuses, economic factors, relationships with news sources and gender and ethnic diversity in the newsroom and in news stories. Prerequisite: JOURN 2100.
  • JOURN 4306 Broadcast News II: (3)
    [JOURN] [4306] [Broadcast News II]
    Introduction to general assignment reporting skills for the newsroom environment. Instruction in time management, writing, storytelling and performance. Team skills and ethnic diversity in the newsroom are discussed. Students begin work for broadcast newsrooms. Prerequisites: JOURN 4300.
  • JOURN 4450 Newspaper Reporting: (3)
    [JOURN] [4450] [Newspaper Reporting]
    Assignments on a daily city newspaper covering community news, city, county and state affairs, sports and lifestyle issues. Experience in gathering and writing news, writing under deadline conditions. Prerequisites: JOURN 2100.
  • JOURN 4556 Fundamentals of Photojournalism: (3)
    [JOURN] [4556] [Fundamentals of Photojournalism]
    A rigorous skills course for advanced students preparing for a career in photojournalism consisting of weekly exercises in black and white and color photographic story telling and lectures that explore the philosophical, historical and ethical roots of the profession. Prerequisites: instructor's consent.
  • JOURN 4650 International Issues and the Media: (3)
    [JOURN] [4650] [International Issues and the Media]
    An advanced professional seminar on how to recognize, report and write about the domestic influence of international political, economic and cultural problems and trends. Prerequisites: JOURN 4450.
  • JOURN 4656 International News Media Systems: (3)
    [JOURN] [4656] [International News Media Systems]
    A comparative survey of current news media systems and how they affect the international flow of information. Newspapers, news agencies, broadcasting and satellite networks of the world are analyzed. Prerequisites: junior standing in Journalism or Science and Agricultural Journalism .
  • JOURN 4658 International Journalism: (3)
    [JOURN] [4658] [International Journalism]
    An examination of the gathering, editing and dissemination of international news. The impact of social, economic, cultural and political structures on news media performance is evaluated. Prerequisites: junior standing. Restricted to Journalism and Science and Agricultural Journalism majors only.
  • JOURN 4660 Media Forces Shaping the European Union: (3)
    [JOURN] [4660] [Media Forces Shaping the European Union]
    Seminar analyzes the role of media in shaping policies and actions of the European Union member nations and their people. Open to graduate students regardless of major and to undergraduates with instructor's consent. Course qualifies for EU Certificate Program. Prerequisites: Restricted to Journalism and Science and Agricultural Journalism majors only.
  • JOURN 4662 International Magazine Staff: (3)
    [JOURN] [4662] [International Magazine Staff]
    Online, radio, and print production for a converged media enterprise, Global Journalist. Students report, write, plan, edit, design, and produce an international magazine, radio program, and website while working under weekly deadlines. Prerequisites: Restricted to Journalism and Science and Agricultural Journalism majors. Instructor's consent required.
  • JOURN 4730 Journalism and Conflict: (3)
    [JOURN] [4730] [Journalism and Conflict]
    (same as Peace Studies 4830). Introduction to the basic priciples of conflict theory and negotiation, including the sources of conflict, why conflict escalates and what the conditions are for de-escalation, all with a special emphasis on the implications for the working journalist.
  • JOURN 4804 Convergence Reporting: (3)
    [JOURN] [4804] [Convergence Reporting]
    Practice and theory of reporting for converged media. Students produce multimedia reports for traditional and converged media operations. Prerquisites: JOURN 4802, junior standing required and instructor's consent. Graded on A/F basis only.