Strategic Communication: Research

Strategic Communication: Research

This interest area educates students in the principles and practice of all communication designed to create a desired response from a given audience in advertising, public relations, digital and social media. It includes focused study and hands-on practice within strategic communication with an emphasis on research, analytics and understanding audiences. Administered by the strategic communication faculty.

Bachelor of Journalism Degree Requirements

Upper-Division Journalism Core (6)

All Strategic Communication students must take the following courses at the upper-division level:

  • JOURN 3000 History of American Journalism: (3)
    [JOURN] [3000] [History of American Journalism]
    American mass media from colonial days to present in the context of social, economic and political change. Prerequisites: Junior Standing; Journalism or Science and Agricultural Journalism majors.


  • JOURN 4568 History of Photojournalism: (3)
    [JOURN] [4568] [History of Photojournalism]
    Examination of the aesthetic and technological development of photography from its invention in 1839 to the present. Primary emphasis on the evolution and impact of the picture press and the documentary tradition in America, although international developments are studied as well. Prerequisites: Journalism and Science and Agricultural Journalism majors only with Junior standing.


  • JOURN 4000 Communications Law: (3)
    [JOURN] [4000] [Communications Law]
    Legal concepts, including prior restraint, libel, privacy, obscenity, contempt and access as they relate to print, broadcast, advertising and other areas. Prerequisites: Junior Standing; Journalism and Science and Agricultural Journalism majors.

Required Journalism Classes (12)

  • JOURN 4200 Principles of Strategic Communication: (3)
    [JOURN] [4200] [Principles of Strategic Communication]
    Foundation course familiarizing students with an array of strategic communication tools and how they are used in the field. Prerequisites: Restricted to Journalism and Science and Agricultural Journalism majors only. Junior standing required.
  • JOURN 4204 Introduction to Strategic Writing and Design: (3)
    [JOURN] [4204] [Introduction to Strategic Writing and Design]
    This course will teach you about strategic writing and design, and then show you how to apply these skills to key communication platforms such as digital media, TV, radio, social media and others. Along the way, you will learn to think, write and design creatively and strategically. Graded on A-F basis only. Prerequisites: junior standing; restricted to Journalism Strategic Communication and Science and Agricultural Journalism Majors only.
  • JOURN 4952 Strategic Communication Research I: (3)
    [JOURN] [4952] [Strategic Communication Research I]
    Introduction to techniques and practice of strategic communication research. Emphasis on research techniques and use of research results, including consumer analysis, attitude measurement and evaluation of externally supplied research. Prerequisites: Restricted to Strategic Communication students only. Junior standing or higher required.
    JOURN 4970 Strategic Campaigns: (3)
    [JOURN] [4970] [Strategic Campaigns]
    This cours is a capstone course, giving students a hands-on opportunity to apply knowledge and skills gained in previous courses. Taken final undergraduate semester. Prerequisite: JOURN 4206.

Required Non-Journalism Courses (6)

  • MKT 3000 Principles of Marketing (3)
  • Another marketing elective (3)

Suggested Journalism Electives for Research (13)

  • JOURN 4236 Psychology in Advertising: (3)
    [JOURN] [4236] [Psychology in Advertising]
    Application of psychological principles, learning, perception, motivation, attitudes to advertising. Emphasis on the increasing use of psychographics (the "lifestyle" factor) to understand consumer wants and buying behavior. Prerequisites: JOURN 4200, JOURN 4952, JOURN 4226.
  • JOURN 4256 Public Relations: (3)
    [JOURN] [4256] [Public Relations]
    Current methods of communicating with constituents as practiced by agencies, corporations and government/not-for profit organizations. Prerequisites: JOURN 4200. Restricted to Journalism Strategic Communication and Science and Agricultural Journalism students only.
  • JOURN 4262 Interactive Advertising I: (3)
    [JOURN] [4262] [Interactive Advertising I]
    Course covers every step from integrating Internet efforts into the overall strategic communication plan to building a website that works. Designed for those with an interest in interactive advertising. Prerequisite: JOURN 4200, 4226 and 4952. Graded on A/F basis only.

Suggested Journalism Electives

  • JOURN 4130 Account Services: (1)
    [JOURN] [4130] [Account Services]
    Designed for advanced strategic communication students preparing for careers in account services. Section topics vary.
  • JOURN 4212 Sports and Entertainment Promotion: (3)
    [JOURN] [4212] [Sports and Entertainment Promotion]
    Course focuses on the role that research, sponsorship, advertising, public relations, social media, positioning, target marketing, psychographics, and other strategic communication processes play in the promotion of the sports and entertainment industry. The course will critically analyze and examine how chief executive officers of sport and entertainment organizations choose, maintain, or redirect their promotion strategies and activities to help achieve organization missions, encourage tickets sales, and attract large audiences. Prerequisites: Junior Standing Required. Restricted to Journalism Strategic Communications and Science and Agricultural Journalism Students Only.
  • JOURN 4250 Management of Strategic Communication: (3)
    [JOURN] [4250] [Management of Strategic Communication]
    Introduces the managerial aspects of strategic communication as conducted within advertising agencies, corporations, public relations organizations and new media entities. Prerequisites: JOURN 4200, 4952 and 4226.
  • JOURN 4263 Interactive Advertising II: (3)
    [JOURN] [4263] [Interactive Advertising II]
    Course goes in-depth on top issues in the interactive process from video advertising to social networking sites and how to increase campaign performance with web analytics. Designed for those who want a career in interactive advertising. Graded on A-F basis only. Prerequisites: JOURN 4262. Restricted to Journalism Strategic Communication students only.