Professional Project

Professional Project

The purpose of a professional project is to develop and demonstrate professional competence. A professional project is pursued under the close supervision of a faculty member or other professional journalist with relevant expertise.

The Professional Project plan will not prepare you for a doctoral program. If you are considering doctoral work, you should discuss the option of a thesis with your adviser.

If you choose to do a professional project, you will spend at least 30 hours per week for a minimum of 14 weeks engaged in professional-level journalism. The work you do will be intended for public dissemination. The quality of your work will be assessed by both your on-site supervisor and your project committee. (Note that there is value in time elapsed in a project. Thus multiplying 30 hours by 14 weeks, for a total of 420 hours, and then shrinking the overall time span of the project so that such a minimum number of hours is met, is not acceptable.)

Established Programs

The school offers two established programs as one option for carrying out a professional project. [More]

Individual Projects

An individual project allows development of professional skills that cannot be accommodated as well through an established program. [More]