Oral Defense

Oral Defense

The project report is the evidence that shows your committee what you have done. It will be filed as a permanent record in the journalism library so that other students may examine it when considering project ideas or preparing their own reports.

The final project report must be in-depth, detailed and free of grammatical, spelling or typographical errors. When your project is completed and you have a final report ready, you will work with your committee to establish a date for the oral defense. It is your responsibility for reserving a room in which to hold the oral defense. You must distribute copies of the project report to the project committee at least five working days before the oral defense. Check with your committee chair to see if digital copies (via email) are acceptable or whether hard copies are preferred.

The committee signs the report of the master’s examining committee form at the time of the oral defense if the members accept the report. The committee may, however, require additional work before the report is acceptable.

The associate dean will not sign the examining committee report form, signifying that all requirements have been met, until a copy of the final project report is submitted to the graduate studies center. See the project report guidelines for details.

Graduate students are required to be enrolled the semester in which they defend their professional project. If the student is not enrolled in project hours at the time of the defense, he/she may enroll in Graduate Examination, Miscellaneous 8999. Check with the Graduate Studies office to see if this option is available to you.