Project Approval

Project Approval

Professional project students must enroll in JOURN 8098 Project Seminar the semester before the semester in which the project is to be completed. During the seminar, you will be provided information about the variety of professional projects available and how to prepare a professional project proposal. Students planning to complete the professional project in the Washington program also must apply to that program. Application deadlines are announced by the Graduate Studies staff at the beginning of each semester for the following semester.

Before you may enroll in JOURN 8190 Area Problem, you must have received a passing grade in the project seminar and submitted an approved professional project proposal to the seminar instructor.

A professional project proposal may not be submitted to the project seminar instructor until the proposal has been approved by all of your committee members. The professional project proposal must be on file in the graduate studies center before you are allowed to begin work on the project.

Appeal Process

If the project seminar instructor rejects the project proposal after approval by the student’s committee, an appeal for reconsideration must be made in writing to the associate dean for graduate studies. The appeal should address the reasons given by the instructor for the original rejection.

Within two weeks after an appeal is submitted, the associate dean will make a decision on the appeal. Actual work on the project should not begin before an appeal is approved.