Project Report

Project Report

Submission Checklist for Project Report

Once your report is accepted and any final changes are made, you must submit it on CD or DVD to the Journalism Graduate Studies office for filing in the journalism library. You will also submit some paperwork.

Required Electronic Materials (on CD or DVD)

  • Abstract (saved as “abstract.pdf”)
  • Analysis (saved as “analysis.pdf”)
  • Key Words (saved as “keywords.pdf”)
  • Project Report (saved as “projectreport.pdf”)
  • Media Folder (for multimedia)

Guidelines for Each Component

  • Abstract: For the abstract you will include a headline, plus a summary of the analysis portion of your project. This abstract informs the reader on a general level.
    • Write a headline highlighting the benefits of your results either to scholarship or to the profession. The headline should be the same as the title of your project.
    • If doing scholarly research, the abstract needs to explain the following, in this order:
      • The question or problem that you examined
      • Methodology
      • Results 
      • Implications: how do your results advance basic scholarship in the fields of journalism and strategic communication?
    • If doing professional analysis, your abstract will be a deck for a magazine article. Write five or fewer engaging, authoritative summary sentences describing how your results benefit the profession.
    • The abstract is not counted, numbered or listed in the Table of Contents
  • Analysis: This is the magazine- or journal-length article that is suitable for publication. Scholarly research is aimed for publication in an academic journal, thus your article should be academic in format and follow appropriate citation style. Professional analysis is aimed for publication in a trade journal and should follow format and style appropriate to magazines.
  • Key Words: List five to 10 concepts that, when used by those searching within databases, would lead them to your work.
  • Project Report Format and Contents:
    • Basic Style Requirements for Project Report
      • Left margin: 1.5 inches; top, right and bottom margins: 1 inch
      • Chapter headings and subheadings: use consistent style and spacing
      • Page numbering: Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, etc.) are used with Title Page, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, and Lists Page. Arabic numerals begin with the first page of
      • Chapter One (1, 2, 3, etc.).
      • Typeface and font (12 pt) is consistent throughout research paper
      • Save file as “projectreport.pdf”
    • Title Page
      • Includes a short title of the professional work performed for the project, the semester in which you completed the project, your name and the names of the committee members with the chair identified.
      • Counted as pg i but not visibly numbered, must have appropriate graduation month: ex. MAY 2012
    • Acknowledgements (optional)
      • Numbered ii
    • Table of Contents
      • Include page numbers for the first page of each section. (Pages must be numbered consecutively from the Table of Contents through the final page in the project report.)
      • Numbered with lowercase Roman numeral
    • List of Tables/List of Illustrations/List of Figures/List of Nomenclature
      • Only include if your work has tables, figures, etc. included
      • Numbered with lowercase Roman numeral
    • Main Text (beginning with pg 1): This should include the following components, labeled as chapters, and in this order. Remember that new chapters start on a new page.
      • Chapter One: An introduction that explains why you chose this project and how it fits your career goals.
      • Chapter Two: A chronological description of your activities during the project. This chapter includes your weekly field notes.
      • Chapter Three: Your evaluation of both your work product and of what you have learned from this project.
      • Chapter Four: Abundant physical evidence of your work, such as clippings, article drafts, scripts, tapes or videotapes, printouts of web pages or compact disks. If you are including a multimedia folder, you may reference that here.
      • Chapter Five: This contains your analysis component.
        • If doing scholarly research, this chapter is comprised of a scholarly article that conforms to appropriate academic journal format and uses either Turabian or APA citation style.
        • If doing a professional analysis, this chapter is comprised of a substantive, analytical, magazine-quality article (typically 1500-2500 words). All professional analysis articles will be considered for publication on the J-School web site. You may also speak with your committee chair about other publication outlets.
      • Appendix: Attach as an appendix in the project report a copy of the proposal as approved by your committee, with the literature review, together with a description and explanation of any changes in the original proposal.
  • Media Folder

Required Paperwork

  • Electronic Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation Release Form
    • This link is for the thesis form. That’s okay. We know you are doing a project, and this form will work for our purposes.
    • Make sure you, and your committee chair, sign this form.
  • Written permission for any copyrighted material used in your thesis or dissertation.
    • If you use material that falls under copyright by another individual or organization, you must provide written documentation of permission to use this material in your project report.
    • Examples of such materials include but are not limited to:
      • Samples of work you produced in your placement such as photos, web pages, articles, transcripts of broadcast pieces, or page designs. Get a letter from your placement indicating that they understand you are reproducing this work for purposes of your professional project, and that they give permission.
      • Similar materials used as examples to illustrate or support your analysis component. Include written permission from the copyright holder to include this work as part of your analysis.
    • Check with the library if you are unsure about copyright policies and procedures.