Master’s Forms

Master’s Forms

Students are responsible for initiating the filing process of all forms at the appropriate time in their program. They should obtain the forms, fill out the appropriate sections, take it to their faculty adviser for review and signature and submit them to the academic adviser for processing. Failure to submit the appropriate forms WILL stop a student from graduating.

Unless otherwise indicated, all forms are available on the MU Graduate Studies website.  Or, use the links below.

Master’s Application

M1: Program of Study for the Master’s Degree

This form is required of all master’s degree students. The purpose of this form is to plan the program of study the student will follow, including recommended hours of transfer credit. This form should be submitted to the Graduate School before the proposal approval meeting in order to facilitate the certification of degree completion later. [More]

Program of Study Course Substitution Form

Use this form to amend the Program of Study. This form should be completed as soon as a course has been added to or deleted from the approved Program of Study. [More]

Thesis/Project Proposal Approval Form

This form is to be signed by each of the student’s committee members to signify approval of the proposal. The form is submitted with the proposal to the JOURN 8098/JOURN 8100 instructor.

M2: Request for Thesis Committee

This form is required ONLY FOR STUDENTS WHO WILL WRITE A THESIS. Students completing a professional project do not need to have this form submitted. The purpose of this form is to have an official record of the student’s master’s committee and to insure that the configuration of the committee meets stated requirements. Submit this form to the MU Graduate School at the end of the thesis seminar semester. [More]

M3: Report of the Master’s Examining Committee

This form is required of ALL master’s degree students. The purpose of this form is to have an official record of the final examining process, whether it is a thesis defense or a professional project defense. [More]

Graduate Student Change of Committee

Submit this form any time committee membership changes. This form can be submitted more than once, if necessary. [More]

JOURN 7050 Communications Practice

JOURN  7050 Communications Practice is for special instruction in the school’s media as an extension of existing advanced media courses, or, in strategic communication, an extension of creative courses. Contract must be approved by instructor and dean.

JOURN 8085 Problems

This form must be filled out and signed by the student, supervising professor and adviser and submitted to the academic adviser for final approval. Consent cards for JOURN 8085 will not be given to students until this form has been filed.