Thesis Committee

Thesis Committee

Each thesis committee is composed of four faculty members: The first member (committee chair) is responsible for guiding the student through the thesis writing process. The chair is often the student’s adviser, though this is not required.

The second member is a faculty member from Journalism.

The third member is a University of Missouri faculty member from a department outside of journalism and serves as a quality control. This person may be recommended by the committee chair, but is chosen by the student. The third/outside member has absolute veto power over the thesis. That is, if the outside member does not approve the thesis, it is automatically rejected.

The fourth member is a journalism faculty member whose role is similar to the outside person’s role, although the fourth member may be involved as the thesis progresses.

A thesis committee looks like this:

  • Chair: journalism.
  • Second member: journalism.
  • Third member: outside.
  • Fourth member: journalism.

Your committee chair must be a member of Status A on the graduate faculty. The other three committee members may be Status A and/or Status C.

As soon as the committee membership has been confirmed, the student should file the Request for Thesis Committee form. This form should be completed no later than the end of the semester in which JOURN 8100 is taken. The student should also make their committee chair their adviser by completing a Change of Adviser form.

There are almost as many ways of working with thesis students as there are graduate faculty members. Some committee members want to see the thesis chapter by chapter as it is written. Others prefer to wait until the thesis is completed before reading it. Student and committee should agree upon how the thesis is reviewed before the student begins writing. No matter what method of reviewing is chosen, the committee chair must read the material first. Only after he/she has approved it may the second reader examine the work.