MA in Law and Conflict Resolution

MA in Law and Conflict Resolution

A Two-Year MA Model

The master’s model in law and conflict resolution is designed for students anticipating careers as reporters and editors who want to develop particular expertise in the coverage of legal issues. The model promotes this interest by providing students with a model that includes the opportunity to take several courses at the MU Law School. It also will be helpful for master’s students in media management or strategic communications who are interested in a greater understanding of the legal environment of the media.

Program Core: 6-9 Credits

  • JOURN 0900 News Practicum (3 Credits) This course does not count toward the degree.
    or JOURN 7200 Principles of Strategic Communication (3 Credits)
    or JOURN 7300 Broadcast News I (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8000 Mass Media Seminar (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8006 Quantitative Research Methods in Journalism (3 Credits) or
    JOURN 8008 Qualitative Research Methods (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8038 Seminar in Communication Law (3 Credits)

Law and Conflict Resolution Core: 9 Credits

  • LAW 5760 Media Law (3 Credits)
  • LAW 5450 Conflict and Conflict Management (3 Credits)

Choose one of the following four courses:

  • JOURN 7718 Law and the Courts (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 7720 Internet Law (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 7730 Journalism and Conflict (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8046 Controls of Information (3 Credits)

Law Electives: 6 Credits

The Law School elective courses are organized by three tracks – civil rights and international law, business law, general law – to help students more quickly identify areas of specific interest, and to develop deeper concentrations in desired areas. However, students may take any available course in satisfying this requirement. Course offering and availability varies by semester, and enrollment is subject to professor approval. See the academic adviser for available courses and further information.

Journalism Electives: 8-9 Credits

May be selected from one or more of the core programs for other masters models:

  • Advertising
  • Broadcast News
  • Editing
  • Environmental Reporting
  • International
  • Magazine
  • Media Management
  • New Media
  • News Media & Society
  • Photojournalism
  • Public Policy Journalism
  • Reporting/Writing
  • Strategic Communication
  • Any Law and Conflict Resolution “core option” not already taken.

Capstone Level: 10 Credits

Professional Project

  • JOURN 8098 MA Project Seminar (1 Credit) and
    JOURN 8190 Area Problem in Journalism (9 Credits)


  • JOURN 8100 MA Thesis Seminar (1 Credit) and
    JOURN 8090 Research in Journalism (9 Credits)

Total Suggested for Graduation: 39-43 Credits