Financial Support: Online Students

Financial Support: Online Students

Online master’s students can explore ways to fund their graduate studies through several university sources. Fees for this program are approximately $794.57 per graduate credit.


The fee structure for the online master’s program in journalism is as follows:

  • Tuition: $700 per credit
  • Journalism Fee: $80.80 per credit
  • Information Technology Fee: $13.77 per credit

Per credit hour total is $794.57

A traditional class is three credits, bringing the average course tuition rate to $2,383.71

Each program model requires 37 credits of coursework to complete the program, bringing the overall total of the program to $29,399.09, plus the cost of books.

The online master’s program in journalism does not charge out-of-state tuition (otherwise known as non-resident fees).

When comparing current tuition rates to 15 of our peer online programs, the Missouri School of Journalism has the 3rd lowest tuition rate.

It is the policy of the Missouri School of Journalism that students who hold an assistantship must be present on campus and in residence during the duration of their assistantship assignment. Assistantships cannot be completed “long-distance.” Students who are not on campus and in residence, including students in the online MA program, are ineligible to hold an assistantship.

Types of Support:

  • The MU Student Financial Aid Office website identifies several types of financial aid, including loans, scholarships, assistantships and fellowships available to graduate students. Online master’s students frequently explore the option of federal student loans.
  • Additionally, many online master’s students are able to take advantage of tuition remission programs offered by their employers. Learn more about what the university calls “sponsor billing.”
  • Mizzou Online offers a limited range of competitive scholarships for online students.
  • The university allows students who will be paying out of pocket for their education to make monthly payments. You can find the payment schedule and payment options on the Cashier’s page.