Completing Your Degree

Completing Your Degree

Graduate students must demonstrate mastery in the field of journalism in theory, research and practice. The capstone semester provides this opportunity. Students may choose from two options: thesis or professional project. The thesis is an independent research study and is appropriate for students who ultimately intend to pursue a doctorate. The professional project is appropriate for students who wish to work as professionals in the journalism industry.

To prepare for the capstone semester students will enroll in either JOURN 8100 Thesis Seminar, or JOURN 8098 Project Seminar, in the semester prior to their capstone. During the seminar students will form their faculty committee and develop and gain approval for their thesis or project proposal. Successful completion of the seminar is one of the prerequisites to beginning the capstone semester.

The following sections will explain in detail the purpose and requirements of the thesis and professional project options, as well as how to complete final paperwork and graduate.

Professional Project

The purpose of a professional project is to develop and demonstrate professional competence. [More]

Thesis Plan

A thesis allows a student to conduct independent research and contribute to the body of knowledge about their chosen topic.  [More]

Completion of Requirements

Regardless of whether you are doing a thesis or professional project, there are a few loose ends that always need to be tied up and a few requirements that many students overlook. [More]