Sample Online MA Models

Sample Online MA Models

Online master’s students may choose from four areas of study: health communication, interactive media, media management and strategic communication.

Each emphasis area, which includes a minimum of 37 credits to graduate, includes both required and elective courses. The electives may be courses from within the same area, from another area or transferred graduate hours from another accredited institution. For students with special needs, an individualized curriculum may be designed with the student’s adviser, subject to approval of the associate dean for graduate studies.

Emphasis areas do not appear on your diplomas but they do appear on official MU transcripts.

Online Health Communication

The health communication focus area allows professionals in several fields to become more knowledgeable about health topics and communication practices. It’s designed for individuals in health sciences, health care facility administration and communication. [More]

Online Interactive Media

The interactive media focus area prepares students in the use of interactive, digital and social media. It provides insights into how people perceive and process digital messages. In addition, the course of study investigates the psychological, social, ethical and legal issues regarding the roles and effects of digital news, advertising and public relations on society. [More]

Online Media Management

The media management option is designed for students who have had substantial professional experience and want to direct their future careers toward management. [More]

Online Strategic Communication

The strategic communication online model is based on five principles: strategic planning, technology, relationship building, a global/multicultural perspective and a communications toolbox. [More]