Online Interactive Media

Online Interactive Media

The online interactive media area prepares students in the use of interactive, digital and social media. It provides insights into how people perceive and process digital messages. In addition, the course of study investigates the psychological, social, ethical and legal issues regarding the roles and effects of digital news, advertising and public relations on society.

While the program core courses and capstone listed below are required, students in the program are free to choose from several media management courses in order to best meet their professional goals:

Program Core: 10-12 Credits

  • JOURN 8000 Mass Media Seminar (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8080 Media Ethics (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8006 Quantitative Research Methods in Journalism (3 Credits) or JOURN 8008 Qualitative Research Methods (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8070 Professional Seminar (1-3 Credits). Can be repeated; attendance for one one-credit on campus section is required; participation in the complementary two-hour online section is encouraged.

Interactive Media Courses: 15-17 Credits

  • JOURN 7150 Infographics (1 Credit)
  • JOURN 7256 Public Relations (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 7262 Digital Strategy I (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 7510 Visual Communication (2 Credits)
  • JOURN 7700 Participatory Journalism (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 7736 Changing Media Business Models (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8056 Theories of Mass Communication (3 Credits)
  • JOURN 8058 Communication in Media Organizations (3 Credits)
  • A new course in the foundations of interactive media, to be proposed in the next year.

Outside of Journalism Options: With prior approval, we would allow students to include up to six hours in the School of Information Science and Learning Technology to count towards the program. Please contact Kathy Appuhn-Hodges for more information.

Capstone Level: 10 Credits

  • Professional Project: JOURN 8098 MA Project Seminar (1 Credit) and JOURN 8190 Area Problem in Journalism (9 Credits)


  • Thesis: JOURN 8100 MA Thesis Seminar (1 Credit) and JOURN 8090 Research in Journalism (9 Credits)

Total for Graduation: 37 Credits