Program Requirements

Program Requirements

An overview of the program requirements is provided in this section.


The university requires students to provide certain information about their productivity each year.

Degree Time Limits

Master’s students have eight years to complete the degree, as determined by MU policies.

Enroll in Courses via Mizzou Online

For online course information or to enroll in a course, visit Mizzou Online.

Faculty Adviser

Online master’s students usually select a faculty adviser after they have completed three or four classes.

Grading and Credit Policies

Information about grading and credit policies is available on the MU Graduate School website. [More]

Incomplete Grades

For courses other than JOURN 8090 Research (thesis) and JOURN 8190 Area Problem (project), the grade of “I” (incomplete) may be recorded when the student’s work is incomplete but otherwise worthy of credit.

JOURN 8085 Problems

Students enrolled in JOURN 8085 are expected to work on a specific scholarly research problem that is not associated with the thesis or project.

Leave of Absence

Students may take a leave of absence from the program.

On-Campus Attendance Requirement

Online master’s students are required to be on campus at least twice during the program. [More]

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students need to be taking courses that serve to complete degree requirements and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA.

Scholastic Requirements

Graduate students are required to maintain a grade average of at least 3.0.

S/U and Hearer

Graduate students may not take any course S/U (pass/fail) except for thesis or project seminar and research or professional project credits. [More]

Total Credits

The master’s program requires a minimum of 37 graduate credits. [More]

Transfer Credit

Master’s students may transfer up to six credits that can be used in fulfillment of graduate degree requirements with some provisions. [More]