Plan of Study: Online Master’s Programs

Plan of Study: Master’s Programs

Master’s students are required to file a plan of study form. ALL courses (minimum of 37 credits) taken toward the degree should be listed on the form along with credits and grade for each course. Courses planned, but not yet completed, also should be included. Typed forms are preferred.

The student signs the form and obtains a signature from the faculty adviser. The form must then be submitted to the school’s academic adviser. The academic adviser will process the form and forward it to the MU Graduate School for final approval.

The program of study form can be filed as soon as you have outlined your program. Many students wait to file the program of study form until they are in thesis seminar or project seminar.

Changes may be made to alter the program of study by completing a course substitution form, available on the MU Graduate School website. The student lists the courses to be deleted from and/or added to the program of study, obtains the faculty adviser‘s signature and submits the form to the academic adviser.