Policies and General Information

Policies and General Information

This section provides access to general information and policies about the Missouri School of Journalism’s undergraduate program.

Course Exceptions: Will Not Count Toward BJ Degree

The School of Journalism accepts most courses from other MU divisions (or the equivalent transfer courses) except those that are considered duplicative of offerings in the School of Journalism or viewed as journalism-related courses taught by other divisions. [More]

Dean’s List

Journalism students will receive Dean’s List standing each semester they attain a minimum 3.25 GPA on 12 graded credits. The Dean’s List is posted on the MU News Bureau website at the end of each semester. [More]

Degree Requirements

To complete the Bachelor of Journalism degree, 120 credits are required. [More]

Exam Credit

The school accepts credits in the CLEP, AP and IB categories. [More]

Independent Study

Mizzou Online offers a variety of courses that can be taken on their own through correspondence. [More]

Newsrooms’ Policies on Fairness and Diversity

The Columbia Missourian, Global Journalist, KBIA-FM, KOMU-TV, Missouri Business Alert and Vox Magazine are dedicated to full and fair coverage of the news, whether international, national, regional or local. Our intent is to report the news without bias, without favor, without intimidation and without callous disregard for the impact of our reporting.  [More]

Personal Benefit Hours

Personal benefit hours are designed to allow journalism-emphasis area students to take a course that is not normally acceptable toward the degree if the course is beneficial to the student’s personal goals.[More]

Sensitivity in a Multicultural Environment

Each person at the School of Journalism has the right to work in an atmosphere free from discrimination. [More]

Standards for Academic Performance

The School of Journalism is a competitive environment in which students are expected to maintain high standards of academic achievement. [More]

Transfer Credit

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions determines transfer equivalencies for the University, including the Missouri School of Journalism. [More]