Junior/Senior Internship Policy

Junior/Senior Internship Policy

The purpose of the JOURN 4940 Internship in Journalism course is to give students a comprehensive, practical experience in a real-world setting. The internship also enables students to apply their academic knowledge and critical thinking skills in work environments while enhancing personal professional development.

Micaela Firszt at SMGxJournalism Internship Policies

The School of Journalism grants credit for approved internships in journalism and strategic communication jobs based on the following conditions:

  • Students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 to participate in the internship program.
  • Students must be enrolled in the internship course before beginning work at the internship site. Students failing to register for the course before starting the internship will not receive academic credit.
  • A maximum of three hours of internship credit for JOURN 4940 can be earned per semester.
  • A maximum of six hours of internship credit for JOURN 4940 can be counted toward the Bachelor of Journalism degree.
  • A student must have completed at least one semester in his or her interest area to be eligible for enrollment in JOURN 4940. Photojournalism students are eligible to enroll in JOURN 4940 after completing JOURN 4556 Fundamentals of Photojournalism.
  • Internships cannot be fulfilled within the School of Journalism or its news media and agencies. Internships may be fulfilled at any newspaper, magazine, website, advertising agency, public relations agency or other journalism-related outlet with administrative approval. The School does not grant credit for non-journalism or non-strategic communication internships.
  • The student will be billed by the university for the appropriate number of credit hours.
  • The grade awarded for JOURN 4940 will be Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory and will be assigned by the internship instructor after an evaluation of the student’s work.
  • Melissa Zygowicz at CBS 2To receive credit from the School of Journalism for an internship, a student may not be receiving additional academic credit for the internship from any other school, college or department.
  • No internship may be taken for credit after a student has graduated.

Course Enrollment Deadlines: The process for enrolling in the internship course requires several steps. Students should submit their application no later than two weeks prior to the following deadlines.

  • Fall: Last day to add full semester courses. Typically occurs seven days after the semester begins.
  • Spring: Last day to add full semester courses. Typically occurs seven days after the semester begins.
  • Summer: July 1st. This extended deadline offers students the chance to secure and start internships later
    in the summer.

By submitting this form, students agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed above.

Approval Process

Andrew Hebert at Weather ChannelFinal approval and enrollment can take up to one week. Please submit your application at a minimum of one week prior to beginning your internship.

  1. Journalism Student Services staff will verify the internship with the site supervisor.
  2. A decision will be made by Journalism Student Services whether to approve or deny the application.
  3. Applicants must enroll in the course after receiving approval.