Tim P. Vos

Associate Professor

Coordinator for Global Research Initiatives

110 Neff Hall
Missouri School of Journalism
Columbia, MO 65211-1200


TIM P. VOS is the Wallace Turner Faculty Fellow and an associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism. He teaches courses in principles of journalism, journalism history, media sociology and qualitative research methods in journalism. His research involves roles of journalism, media sociology and gatekeeping, media history, and media policy. His work has examined how change has happened in print, broadcast, and digital news, public relations, and advertising. Vos currently serves as Vice President of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), the field’s leading research, teaching, and service organization, and will become President of the association in 2020. He is former vice-chair of the AEJMC Standing Committee on Research and former head of AEJMC’s History Division.


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Book Chapters

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Recent Publications

  • Vos, T.P. and Moore, J. (2018). Building the journalistic paradigm: Beyond paradigm repair. Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism DOI: 10.1177/1464884918767586
  • Vos, T.P., Eichholz, M. and Karaliova, T. (2018). Audiences and journalistic capital: Roles of journalism. Journalism Studies DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2018.1477551.
  • Vos, T.P. and Thomas, R. (2018). The discursive (re)construction of journalism’s gatekeeping role. Journalism Practice. DOI: 10.1080/17512786.2018.1478746.
  • Vos, T.P. and Wolfgang, D. (2018). Journalists’ normative discursive constructions of political viewpoint diversity. Journalism Studies 19(6) 764-781.
  • Vos, T.P. and Thomas, R. (2018). The discursive construction of journalistic authority in a post-truth age. Journalism Studies 19(13) 2001-2010.
  • Hanitzsch, T. and Vos, T.P. (2018). Journalism beyond democracy: A new look into journalistic roles in political and everyday life. Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism 19(2) 146-164.
  • Craft, S. and Vos, T.P. (2018). Have you heard? US journalistic “listening” in cacophonous times. Journalism Practice (12)8 966-975.
  • Perreault, G. and Vos, T.P. (2018). The GamerGate controversy and journalistic paradigm maintenance. Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism 19(4) 553-569.
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  • Vos, T.P. (2010). A cultural explanation for early broadcast policy: Professionalism, voluntarism, and U.S. broadcast networks. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 54(2) 179-193.

Selected Publications

  • Books

    • Tim P. Vos, Vos, T.P. & Heinderyckx, F.. Gatekeeping In Transition, Routledge, 2015.
    • Tim P. Vos, Pamela J. Shoemaker. Gatekeeping Theory, Routledge, 2009.

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