Greg Kornfeld

Account Executive at KTRS Radio

Greg Kornfeld, BJ '76

Degree(s): BJ '76

Whereabouts: United States, St. Louis, Missouri

What do you do?
I’m an account executive at KTRS Radio in St. Louis. I started here in 1996. Prior to that, I was an account executive at KMOX/KLOU from 1977 to 1996. I’ve been in the business for 42 years.

How did you get your job?
I interviewed with Tim Dorsey and Robert Hyland and started on KMOX-FM in February, 1977.

What is the best professional lesson you learned at the J-School?
Try to stand out from your competitors. Do something that the rest of the pack doesn’t do. In my case, I give my clients the times for their commercials every day so that they can hear them. Make sure you spell correctly and that you use proper grammar.

What advice do you have for current students?
Find the profession that you enjoy. You may not end up in newspaper, advertising, radio, TV, etc. That’s okay. Your education and experience will benefit you no matter what line of work you do.

What is your favorite J-School memory?
I enjoyed working at KBIA and KOMU TV, shooting and editing stories and working with folks who I am still friends with today. I’m also still friends with my teachers like Leigh Wilson, Max Utsler, and Dick Nelson (through the help of Facebook).

Updated: February 18, 2019