Missouri School of Journalism scholar team finds early foreign correspondents often came from socially less advantaged groups

Allowing journalists to ‘immerse’ rather than parachute crucial to ‘informing public opinions and international relations’ Columbia, Mo. (Oct. 8, 2020) — The Americans who made their way to China during the first half of the 20th century to become foreign correspondents came from many walks of life to get there. Despite being from socially less … Continued

Missouri journalism faculty, graduate students and alumni to present 70 papers at AEJMC 2020 virtual conference

Columbia, Mo. (July 30, 2020) — Missouri School of Journalism faculty, students and alumni will present 70 peer-reviewed research papers at the virtual Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference Aug. 6-9. More than 2,000 journalism and mass communication scholars are expected to participate in the fully-virtual 2020 AEJMC annual conference. Among the … Continued

‘Anti-vaxxers’ gain traction against HPV vaccine on Facebook, study finds

For a recently-published study, Assistant Professor Monique Luisi studied more than 6,500 public HPV vaccine-related posts on Facebook over the first 10 years since the vaccine was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. MU media expert analyzed 10 years of HPV-vaccine related Facebook posts By Eric Stann MU News Bureau Columbia, Mo. (July … Continued

2016 U.S. presidential election coverage was ‘game changer’ for journalists

According to Ryan J. Thomas, associate professor of journalism studies at the University of Missouri, the 2016 presidential election is considered a “game changer” because it introduced the issue of how journalists confront political candidates. MU study looked at ethical issues in U.S. presidential election press coverage between 2000-2016 By Eric Stann MU News Bureau … Continued

Killer vaccines? Social media messages influence parents about HPV

Social media messaging on the subject of the human papillomavirus vaccine may lead parents to incorrectly believe that it might be lethal when administered to their children, according to Assistant Professor Monique Luisi. MU media expert finds social media use is associated with belief that HPV vaccine is lethal in children By Eric Stann MU … Continued

Two Missouri School of Journalism Graduate students receive ‘best paper’ at international conference

Two Missouri School of Journalism graduate students, Courtney Boman and Erika Schneider, were awarded Best Paper at the 23rd International Public Relations Research Conference. Columbia, Mo. (May 29, 2020) — Two Missouri School of Journalism graduate students, Courtney Boman and Erika Schneider, were awarded Best Paper on the 23rd IPRRC Theme Award: Connecting Theory and … Continued

Challenge Accepted! Expandable audio journalism lets listeners take control.

What if listeners could control the way an audio story plays out while listening to it? Four Missouri convergence journalism students explored various means for achieving an expandable audio experience with RJI Fellow Michael Epstein, writer/director with Walking Cinema in San Francisco. Missouri School of Journalism students partner with media organizations to solve problems they … Continued