The Missouri School of Journalism doctoral program offers several signature fellowships. The fellowships are highly competitive and reflect the research/teaching mission of the School.

Applicants should state in their graduate school application statement of purpose their qualifications for the fellowship and how it will be used to achieve their academic/professional goals.

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Missouri School of Journalism Doctoral Teaching Fellowship

The Doctoral Teaching Fellowship’s goal is to expand the “Missouri Method” into doctoral training.

Participants in this program will learn how to teach undergraduate classes that range from media writing courses, to large lecture classes and seminar classes. Along with learning how to teach, fellows will work with faculty members on research involving teaching pedagogy and instruction.  Just as journalism undergraduate students learn by doing, so will fellows in this program.

Teaching fellows will also learn how to become scholars. Fellows will work with doctoral faculty members in journalism and throughout the university. The Journalism School offers a comprehensive set of real-media experiences, allowing you to connect theory, research and practice in a real-world setting. We strongly encourage doctoral students to participate in interdisciplinary research.

Applicants who have significant professional experience and have earned a master’s degree will learn how to impart that knowledge to the next generation. They will also learn research skills that can help chart a course for the future of journalism.

Doctoral Fellowship Teaching structure:
  • Stipends: the annual stipend for a doctoral fellow is $28,000 a year (fall, spring, summer) for 4 years.
  • Full tuition waiver
  • Health insurance
  • Up to $5,000 in funding for research and travel to professional and academic conferences.

Paul Synor Doctoral Fellowship

The Synor Fellowship is awarded to doctoral students working in the area of Strategic Communication (advertising, public relations, health communication and related fields). Students will collaborate with research faculty on grant-funded projects in an interdisciplinary environment. Students will also work on independent research projects under the mentorship of world-renowned scholars in the field. Students will also participate in our Teaching Program that provides training and experience in teaching entry-level and advanced undergraduate courses.

Paul Synor, a 1942 graduate of the School of Journalism, worked in the creative department for advertising agencies in New York, Chicago, Toronto and London, including Leo Burnett in Chicago, the advertising agency responsible for creating Tony the Tiger, the Pillsbury Doughboy, Morris the Cat, Charlie the Tuna, the Marlboro Man and other brand icons.

Paul Synor Doctoral Fellowship structure:
  • Stipends – the annual stipend for a doctoral fellow will be $25,000 a year (fall, spring, summer) for 3 years.
  • Full tuition waiver
  • Health insurance.

Reynolds Journalism Institute Doctoral Fellowship

Participants in this fellowship will collaborate with the Reynolds Journalism Institute research director on current research in the areas of journalism and strategic communication.

The RJI fellow will also develop their own research agenda while working collaboratively with faculty and industry professionals. The RJI Fellow will be expected to conduct broader impact research that emerge from direct newsroom experience and connects journalism to community and democracy.

The Fellow will have an opportunity to participate in our Doctoral Teaching Program where she/he will receive training and experience in teaching entry-level and advance undergraduate courses.

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) works with the news industry, professors, students and others to make sure journalism has a long and bright future. As a “think-and-do” tank that opened its doors in 2008, RJI uses its guaranteed funding to work exclusively to strengthen journalism in the service of democracy. It’s part of the Missouri School of Journalism.

RJI Doctoral Fellowship Structure:
  • Stipends – the annual stipend for a doctoral fellow will be $28,000 a year (fall, spring, summer).
  • Payment of tuition and fees.
  • Health insurance.
  • Up to $5,000 a year in funding for research and travel to professional and academic conferences.


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